Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy

“And we’ve reached the 100th movie I’ve seen this year. Dayum. Although I could have planned the logistics for this viewing better. Last night, my theatre friends had our big Christmahaunakwanzikah party and I got back rather late (really early?). Didnt quite get my full 8 hours before I woke up and checked movie times and realized if I wanted to get in today’s double feature, I had to leave then. As a result, I was falling asleep thru most of Tinker Tailor. So this one’ll be short.

I was intrigued by the feel of it. There were a lot of slow and short shots building out the scene. And Gary Oldman had this kinda deliberate grace about him. But I really wasn’t following the movie at all. I couldnt keep track of who people were or why they were important, or what was going on. I blame most of it on my sleep dep, but given that I was able to follow some of the scenes completely (like the backstory that Tom Hardy tells) it may not have entirely been me. Either way, I do need to see this one again when fully rested.

I did love the cast. Have nothing but mad respect for Gary Oldman. Was hoping that this might finally be his shot to add “”Academy Award nominee”” to the beginning of his name in movie trailers, but it’s looking like a long shot. But reigning Academy Award winner Colin Firth was very commanding in his role. Was definitely paying more attention when he was around. Although my favorite was (previously unknown to me) Benedict Cumberbatch who played Peter. He just had this charisma about him, and was the most grounded and relatable of all the characters. Also love seeing Tom Hardy. He’s been working his way up my favorites list lately.

Again, need to give this a second viewing. Maybe I’ll be able to follow it better and thus appreciate it more as well.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – \m/ \m/

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