The Sitter

“Before I get into today’s movie, I need to recount yesterday’s adventure. Went down to NYC for the first time in a few months. The plan was Godspell and Seminar. The real objective: Hunter Parrish and Jerry O’Connell. Mission accomplished! I also decided to try my luck for Daniel Radcliffe since Seminar was down the block from HTSIBWRT and it got out way earlier. Got that autograph too! Man, there’s been so many days this past year I’ve described as “”bestest day ever””. I can’t help but wonder if 2012 is gonna be more awesome or suck in comparison.

So I saw The Sitter today. I actually had kinda hoped I could have seen it yesterday since while I was in NYC I was hanging out with a buddy of mine between shows. Said bestest guy friend actually had a babysitting job for a while this past year. I feared for those kids. I’d sent him the trailer for The Sitter the first time I saw it, and he said he definitely felt like that was him a few times. Now, in fairness, he really is a responsible guy and those kids were never really in any danger. But the possibility was always kinda fun to think of.

Anyways, what about the movie? Eh. It took a while for me to get into it. I really dont like movies where you’re trapped in an impossible and improbable situation that keeps getting worse. For me, it feels like being in a bad dream. I just want it to be over. From the beginning, you dont want your lead to make that first bad choice (although if they dont, you have no movie). And they keep making them. I find it very frustrating.

In theory, the humor should make it all worthwhile. Eh. There were a few funny lines here and there, but it took the film a while to find its groove. Mostly, it was just awkward. Then again, that’s to be expected since awkward humor is Jonah Hill’s specialty. Beneath that awkwardness, there was a lot of heart, which was rather unexpected. That was something I did like. When he connected with the kids (in particular, one scene with the oldest kid) that was really great, very much the highlight of the film. I’m not saying it should have gone a total sappy route, but it was certainly a nice touch. The film would have been totally awful without it.

Hill has definitely come a long way from awkward sidekick to leading man. We learned earlier this year in Moneyball that the boy acutally can act. I’d love to see more of that side of him. What was heartbreaking for me with The Sitter was Sam Rockwell as thug drug dealer Karl. He’s one of my favorite actors, but this role and this film just felt so beneath him. I dont know if he needed the paycheck or was stuck in a contract or what, but he’s so much better than this.

So it was somewhat of a disappointment, but at least it was pretty short and streamlined. I did love the kids and the sitter, and would probably have liked the movie a lot better if the plot had played out differently.

The Sitter – \m/ \m/

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