The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

“Yeah I know. Roll your eyes at my confession that I went to see this. We knew it was gonna happen. And you should be proud of me for not going to the midnight, even though I had the opportunity. What can I say? I hafta see all the major movies and I have an obsession with vampires. Typically, I prefer my vamps to be of the non-sparkling variety, but I’ll take what I can get.

At this point in the game, you know what you’re getting with Twilight: minimal plot, less character development, uber amounts of pretty. And yeah, that’s exactly what it was. You kinda trudge thru the first half without any real story advancement. There’s no major conflict, no real goals, just a little question about whether or not Bella will survive the vampire honeymoon sex. I kinda knew the spoilers as to how that was gonna go. Although it is an improvement over the first movie where I sat there thinking to myself “”Conflict? Coooonflict? Where’s the conflict? Conflict? Oh hey there it–oh movie’s over””

Now that I’m used to that, my gripe is more with the lack of character development. The majority of the minimal plot is about an intense love triangle. Well, after four movies, I still can’t quite figure out why they’re so in love. I am smitten by the pretty boys and their devotion to Bella is swoon-worthy (Edward with his respectful chivalry and Jacob with his passionate devotion), so while I can get some of the attraction there, I dont know what what causes the boys to be all over Bella. All we’ve learned about her is she’s stubborn and she’s clumsy. Well, I’m stubborn, but 10 years of ballet keeps me from being the fall-on-my-ass variety of clumsy, so by those standards I guess I’m out of the running.

Okay, so we’ve gotten past all of the inherent flaws. It was still an entertaining way to kill two hours. You just hafta not take it so seriously. I dont know if its that whole car-crash-cant-look-away sorta thing or if the Cullens have compelled me, but something still draws me to it. Could I possibly get away with saying that I just watch these movies ironically?

Im not justifying this movie with a rock hand rating. I can already envision the negative votes on Rotten Tomatoes.”

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