Happy Feet Too

“Today, I was hit with the sorta first world dilemma that really only happens to me. Since my movie plans for yesterday were punted, how was I to recover the most ground today? I had three viable options: see the 2 movies I was most excited about at a theater I liked at less than ideal times, see those 2 movies at a theater I dislike at convenient times, see the next 2 movies on the priority list at a theater I like at convenient times. In other words: theater, times, movies. Pick two. I opted for the second choice, which led me to Happy Feet Two and Arthur Christmas at the common.

I absolutely adore the original Happy Feet. I remember seeing it with some of my theater friends who were around over Turkey weekend back when it came out. There was actually a band of us hispanics who were hanging around together a lot at the time, so we quickly identified ourselves with Ramon and the other amigoes. I loved this sequel just as much, if not more.

In short, the movie is just cute overload. The characters are adorable, the songs are fun and catchy, the dialogue is clever, there’s a positive message, the animation is beautiful, the cast is top notch. It was everything you could possibly want in a kiddie movie. I think with Pixar’s latest offering being subpar for their standards, we might be looking at the Best Animated Picture front runner.

I guess that previous paragraph did sorta sum up everything. The new additions to this film were fantastic. A lotta the buzz I was coming across said that the best part of the movie is Brad Pitt and Matt Damon’s Will and Bill the krill. I’m inclined to agree. Their connection to the rest of the movie was a bit of a stretch, but I didnt care. Each of their scenes were hilarious. Hank Azaria has also been added to the mix as flying penguin Sven. Loved. Him. I also thought that Ms. Alecia Moore (P!nk) was a worthy replacement for the late Brittany Murphy’s Gloria. She has a similar hot and husky voice, and they took advantage of the fact that this girl can sing. This one big song of hers almost moved me to tears. Beautiful.

One area where I felt Two improved on the original is that I thought the original was a little too preachy, hit you on the head with their environmental message. There was an element of that here too, of course, but it wasn’t as blatant. Overall, this movie was a win.

Happy Feet Two – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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