Arthur Christmas

“I have a friend named Arthur who was born on Dec 25th. When the first trailers for Arthur Christmas dropped, he posted a link on facebook captioned “”Hey, it’s me!”” They actually kinda look alike too. Needless to say I was thinking of him throughout the film.

What impressed me about Arthur Christmas was that I loved its modern take on the classic myth. The opening sequence was fantastic, with the elves going all Mission Impossible on delivering presents. Love! Every year we’re loaded up with new Christmas stories, and I felt this one was very original. I mean c’mon, there’s only so many times you can reinterpret A Christmas Carol (and why would you wanna do it again after the Muppets rocked it?).

I was also struck by some of the details of the characters, in particular with the elves. Each of the elves had their own look and personality, even if they were only seen for a few seconds. I absolutely _loved_ how Bryony (our most featured elf) had a faux hawk and eyebrow piercing. Steve’s tree shaped soul patch and Christmas-y camouflage was another nice touch. Arthur himself was a rather fantastically loveable character. Truly the heart and soul of the movie (well duh, it’s named after him).

I did feel like the movie started to drag a bit partway through. Kinda like they built up all this momentum from a great idea and then realized they had to use up more time with it, so things got stretched out. But ultimately I did rather enjoy the whole movie. I love all things Christmas, and this certainly got me into the spirit of it!

Arthur Christmas – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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