The Muppets

“It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time for me to actually get this blog back up and running. Children of Eden is done. I’ve been trying to play catch up with movies, but things keep getting in the way of my overambitious plans. And to top it all off, Black Friday happened. My current unwatched movie queue is now well over 50. Yeesh.

Today I had these grand plans to catch a couple movies, come home, marathon some of the stack and do some blog write ups. Then just as I’m about to put the plan into motion, I get a random text from my cousin that she’s in town. Plans gone. Although we did end up going to see The Muppets. I’d already seen it at the midnight on Tuesday with some of my theatre friends, but was really anxious to see it again. The main reason being that I was laughing so \m/ hard the first time around, I missed half the dialogue.

No question favorite movie of the year so far. I want so badly to just gush over it right now, but I’m determined to maintain a spoiler free environment. Most of why I was convulsing with laughter is that so much was unexpected. Yes we knew there’d be songs and cameos and clever jokes, but the way they played out caught me off guard again and again. I particularly loved how self aware and meta the film was. Love.

I’ll admit, this was another one of those situations where I was too apprehensive to let myself get truly excited about this movie. I grew up with the Muppets. I have a Kermit poster that has been up on the wall in my room (wherever that room may be) since 4th grade. I watched Muppet Babies on VHS tapes religiously. I watch Muppet Christmas Carol every December. I always reply to the word “”phenomenon”” with “”dodo do do do””, and if the other person doesnt get the “”mahna mahna”” reference our friendship is immediately terminated.

But I could not have picked a more perfect person to trust with the Muppets than Jason Segel. He too grew up with those felt friends. I know he’d approach the movie with the love, care, and respect those creatures deserved. I read an interview where he said he cried the first time Kermit spoke dialogue that he had written. If that’s not the right person to spearhead this project, I dont know who is.

Anyways, I’ve been telling everyone that they need to see this film. So now I’m telling you too!

The Muppets – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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