The Ides of March

“I’m doing something I haven’t done since I wrote up The Hurt Locker a couple years back–I’m doing this write up from an Athena cluster at MIT. Didnt have time to post after the movie yesterday since I had to run down to the House of Blues to see Hanson in concert. Yes, that Hanson. But they’re all growed up now. And then this happened.

Anyhoo, now I’m on campus and I got some time to kill until rehearsal. I got some choreo I need to work on to, so Imma keep this quick. Ides of March was yet another one I approached with apprehension. I think a lot of my cynicism this fall is because this year has been so weak, that I just dont have high hopes for anything. The vibe I got from Ides also reeked of Michael Clayton a few years ago, which thoroughly bored me. Happily, though, my apprehension proved to be unfounded. I didnt thnk Ides was particularly amazing, but I did enjoy it. I got wrapped up in the story and the characters.

I’d come across an article recently where George Clooney was recounting a conversation he had with Pres Obama about this film. He gave the Commander in Chief a quick summary of the film, which he replied to with a “”Oooh, should I have a screening at the White House?”” Clooney gave a very firm no with both a chuckle and a warning. I can see why he’d have that reaction.

But while the trailers made it seem like the film revolved around Clooney’s politician seeking the Oval Office, it was really more about one of his campaign managers, played by Ryan Gosling. And you know you can’t really go wrong with a film that centers around Gosling, because even if it’s dull, he’s at least pretty to look at. I found the story really interesting and compelling, but I think they were a lil bit off on the focus balance between those two characters. They either needed to develop Clooney’s Mike Morris a bit more, or scale him back and really just concentrate on Gosling’s Stephen Meyers. I’m more inclined to go with the latter approach. But the way it was, there were bits of development into Morris here and there, but it kinda detracted and never really went anywhere. I dont wanna give away anything on the details of the story line, but I was really into it. I could even feel my heart nervously pounding during some of the end sequences.

Needless to say, the acting was top notch. I’ve gushed plenty about Gosling and Clooney over time and for good reason. Same with Philip Seymour Hoffman who was also in this film. As far as I’m concerned, that man can do no wrong. Evan Rachel Wood also delivered a very strong performance.

Right then, getting to distracted to deliver much more specifics, but I think you got the idea. It was worth going to, but it’s not gonna be the first thing I recommend to someone who asks me what they should go see right now.

Ides of march – \m/ \m/ \m/

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