Dream House

“Turning off HIMYM for 20 min so I can bang this out, and maybe take a nap before rehearsal. Oh yeah, that’s right kids, doing the fall show with my theatre group. I’m gonna try and be good about getting my write ups done, but I certainly wont be starting any side projects until after the show closes next month.

Just when I started to settle into a nice happy routine at the new apt, I totally shatter it this weekend. I intended to go to the Fenway on Friday for Dream House, but then hung out with the BFF instead. Got stranded there the next day and had to play some wicked schedule Tetris to make everything work. By some miracle, everything worked out to the minute and I was able to get my movie in. Okay, I did hafta give up my morning work out, but everythign else got done. Even laundry. I’d been kinda tentative about whether or not I wanted to see Dream House anyways. I’m pretty much caught up on previously released stuff, already saw 50/50 at that sneak, Tucker and Dale was only playing really late really far, and as much as I love Chris Evans and Zachary Quinto, I did not consider Whats Your Number to be a legit option.

Part of the hesitation was that most of the buzz and chatter I heard was fairly negative. But, determined to get a movie in, I felt a possibly and likely bad psychological horror thriller was still a better choice than a possibly and likely bad rom com. I felt that if nothing else, the fact that Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were in the movie (I’d totally forgotten about Naomi Watts when I made this argument to myself), they were respectable enough actors that they wouldnt choose something that was absolute crap.

Overall, I was kinda eh on the whole thing. I loved the intrigue and mystery. Things did get a little convoluted and muddled in the middle, but they cleared up eventually. I did kinda figure it all out before the end (even if the reasoning behind everything was less than satisfactory), mostly by picking up on anything that seemed out of place. Also, the trailer kinda spoiled a lot of it, so something that was supposta be a mystery I was taking as a given. But at least it wasn’t the extent of the story, cause that woulda been really \m/ stupid of them to give away otherwise.

Top notch acting from all three previously mentioned cast members, but the film really did feel beneath them. Still, my first criteria in rating a film is entertainment value and I was entertained. It was also pretty quick and streamlined, didnt drag anything out more than it had to. And it was fun having that bit of scary suspense in a dark empty theater. Not a bad start to the scary movie season, but it could have been better.

Dream House – \m/ \m/ \m/

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