Straw Dogs

“Oooh if I get this one done, that means I’ll have all of this weekend’s flicks done. Let’s do it!

I’d had a very ambitious weekend of double features planned, and then I realized I could utilize my Friday and split them up a bit. So I journeyed back to my Regal Fenway for the first time post move. Takes so much longer to get there than it used to.

Straw Dogs. The thought of Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden, and gratuitous violence excited me. I really wasnt expecting much else. Didnt really get anything else either.

It really did feel like a lot was just thrown together to give a flimsy excuse to do violence. I felt like we were missing a lot of the story and motivation for some characters, and others felt out of place for most of the movie.

Nothing too spectacular on the blood. There was lots of it, but nothing that really wowed me, although I’m sure all the more squeamish types disagree. Really, it was all about the eye candy.

Oh right. The original. Haven’t seen it, but am very much intrigued. Word on the street is that this remake was very true to it. I’ll be looking forward to the inevitable re-release/sale/combo pack/whatever come DVD/BluRay release time for the new one.

Straw Dogs – \m/ \m/ \n

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