“Sitting in the dark auditorium waiting for Drive to start, there was a trailer for Killer Elite. While I was getting psyched for that film next week, I realized that I hadn’t seen a great gritty adrenaline filled action movie in a while (clearly, I’d forgotten about Colombiana). Then I realized that I was likely gonna get some of that with Drive. I was wrong.

I think that from the little bit I knew about the film, I was expecting something more along the lines of The Transporter. It wasn’t. Yes, they were a few cool car chases, and some gore that got groans from most of the audience but an “”oh cool!”” from me. But an action movie this was not. Those car chases, some of them were among the slowest I’d ever seen. Granted, the cool-calm-collected thing was unique and worked, but they didnt give this action junkie her fix.

As far as story and all that, things felt disjointed. I couldnt really believe a lot of it. I didnt follow much of the mobster ties, I couldnt see why Carey Mulligan was with her jailbird husband, I had no idea why the stock car plotline was there, and what was with the 80’s sounding music?

Ryan Gosling was a bright spot. Then again, he’d be a bright spot in just about anything. I actually think that with the exposure he’s gotten this year, he’s in the running for People’s Sexiest Man Alive this year. Prettyness aside, he did have a good mix of tough and sweet that worked quite well.

Carey Mulligan seemed halfway out of place. I could buy her with Gosling. I couldnt buy her family situation. Christina Hendricks surprised me. I hadnt seen that tough cookie badass chola-esque side of her before, and I’ll admit that I rather liked it. Dont get me wrong, I love her classy Joan on Mad Men, but this was as far away from that as possible and she rocked it.

The story lost me here and there. It just seemed so thrown together, like the writer had a handful of good ideas but no real way of connecting them. While there were moments here and there that I really liked, as a whole it didnt impress me much.

Drive – \m/ \m/ \n

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