“Waterlogged welcome from a very soggy Boston! I’m currently marathoning Sliders, bracing for Irene’s impact. I got a big bowl full of packs of snack food, all of my electronics charged (including the portable DVD player I pulled from where it was packed for the move), a couple of flashlights, and a Justice League coloring book. C’mon Irene. Rock me like a, well err, yourself.

I did venture out into the weather earlier this afternoon for a late matinee of Colombiana. It was totally worth getting soaked. The storyline was clean, the action gritty. The film was actually a bit darker than I’d expected, which was a major plus. Kinda caught me off guard how quickly it went into that territory with the young Cataleya. IMDB later told me that the young Cataleya is gonna be Rue in Hunger Games. Color me crazy excited.

I tend to have mixed feelings toward Zoe Saldana, but I loved her here. Equal parts sexy and bad ass. She may have been trying a little too hard with the dramatic, but it worked. She also made me feel a rare solidarity with my hispanic side. The way that she flowed between the two languages reminded me of home, and I loved being able to understand every word on both sides.

I feel like this movie is was Salt last year aspired to, but fell oh so very short. Salt went for a big intricate plot with confusing twists and turns. Colombiana kept it streamlined. Salt had over the top big production action sequences. Colombiana was raw and dirty. It actually reminded me a lot of Jason Statham’s style, particularly some of the original Transporter. Very much my kinda film.

Colombiana – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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