30 Minutes or Less

“First off, a couple of quick ones. I saw The Change Up on Sunday, but I skipped blogging it because I wasn’t feeling so hot. Im usually a total sucker for the whole freaky Friday thing, and while I could buy into it in the trailers, I couldnt believe it in the movie. But Im gonna blame the headache I had for breaking the illusion. Then on Wednesday I went to the Angels & Airwaves screening of their concept film Love. I felt it wasn’t quite typical write up fare, and I wanted to get to sleep anyways. I went to see Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance earlier in the week and that cut into my sleep time. Anyhoo

30 Minutes or Less. I was kinda unimpressed with it. I liked the originality of the premise, and I felt that the team that put together Zombieland and Tropic Thunder would deliver. Not to mention how much I absolutely adore Jesse Eisenberg. But I dont know what went wrong. I just didnt find it that funny.

There’s some who think that Aziz Ansari is the next big thing in comedy. I thought he tried too hard. Danny McBride was alright this time. He usually annoys me by being too over the top, but he didnt overdo things this time around. What I did find funny were the occassional offensive outbursts because they caught me off guard.

Im finding it hard to say more about the film because there wasn’t a lot to it, which makes me kinda sad.

30 Minutes or Less – \m/ \m/

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