Aladdin (ExpDl Top 100)

“No big secret what my favorite movie is. I was tempted to pretty much just leave this entry blank, since I talk this movie up so much and it is beloved by many. But I couldnt do that to the movie I have watched far more times than any other, that I can quote all the way thru, that I force my friends to watch on my birthday, that has been such a big part of my life for so many years.

I do remember the first time I saw it, and actually, the first time I didnt see it too. Second grade field trip. Lining up for the bus, all the girls were singing “”A Whole New World”” because we somehow knew all the words without having seen it yet. The class busses downtown and there ends up being some mixup and we dont get to see the movie. Sadness ensues. Repeat next week. Victory!

Im still not sure how it quite came to be my favorite. It just has been for so long that I haven’t stopped to think about it. I guess as I got older, the other golden age Disney movies were too girlie for me (says the action junkie). I just found myself watching it more and more often. High school rolled along, and I used to classify this as my favorite Disney movie, and Fight Club my favorite movie (actually that choice evolved over time). Then one day I realized, no really, Aladdin is my favorite movie, no justification.

Trying to do a write up right now is so difficult. I keep stopping to quote every last line. In fifth grade I got it in my head that I wanted to perform this as a play with a bunch of friends. I sat down to write out the screenplay. In a few days I had about 2/3 of it done, word for word. I think me and two people rehearsed once at recess, then it died.

Stalking Aladdin is a must any time I go to Disney. There was the time I went in high school. I made my parents sit thru the Aladdin kiddie show with me. We sat in the front row of seats, and there were munchkins sitting on the floor in front of us. Aladdin walked out on stage and I melted. He’s the hottest one I’ve seen yet. My mom even turned to me and commented. When the show was over, I jumped up, practically trampled the little ones and ran up to get my picture with him first. Two years ago we stalked around his Oasis for an hour making sure we got a pic. This year was similar. He was by himself, so after I got my picture we’d swing by whenever we were on that side of the park to see if “”first wife”” (as we were referring to Jasmine) was there to get a pic with both of them. Although I kinda liked the idea of having him to myself.

This movie is just so pefect. I love the music. I love the animation. I love the humor. I love the characters. I love the voice actors. What Robin Williams did as Genie still influences kiddie movies (particularly animation) to this day. Disney has not been the same since this generation of films. The songs are so iconic and beautiful.

Whenever I cant sleep, I put on Aladdin. If I’m sad, I put on Aladdin (although if Im carrying around Marty Martian, eating Ben & Jerry’s, and watching Aladdin, keep the sharp objects away from me). When I feel silly, I put on Aladdin. When I realize we’re coming up to double digit weeks since I last saw it, I put on Aladdin. When it’s my birthday, I put on Aladdin, and make all my friends watch. It actually amuses me how hard people try to be on time specifically to watch Aladdin. Singing along is a requirement. Noncompliance is punishable by eviction from the premises. I buy every bit of Aladdin merch I can get my hands on (although I skip a lot of the Jasmine princessy stuff). I hear any vague reference to Aladdin and I drop everything and sit attention.

I just restarted “”A Whole New World”” twice so that I could sing it in Spanish, then in English, then again in Spanish. I’d actually performed the Spanish version with a friend at my theatre group’s cabaret night one year. There’s actually two Spanish versions, which I assume are Spain and Mexico. The lyrics are different such that one is a more exact translation, and the other takes a few liberties to flow better. You can tell the Spain one on the audio by their lisping on the s’s. Without hearing it, I can’t recall which version it is that I know, but it’s the one that flows.”

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