Crazy Stupid Love

“I keep on wanting to call it Crazy Sexy Love. Im so stuck in the 90’s.

What is up with me that I keep on going to see these movies that look so sappy? Totally against type for me. But you know what? These movies are starting to really improve. I’ll admit, one of the big draws was Ryan Gosling and his seemingly photoshopped abs, not to mention the fact that Im a fan of Steve Carrell and Emma Stone as well.

Yes, the movie was sappy, but it was also funny and the characters were strong, which is key. If you dont care about the characters in something like this, all hope is lost.

It earns an extra half a point for a big twist it took towards the end where everything came together. Totally didnt see it coming, and was flabbergasted. Vague enough?

For a romantic film, I liked the concept of showing different stages of a relationship thru different characters, without overdoing it (such as those holiday themed ensemble films that I fear are starting to trend). It was interesting seeing the same story from different sides and perspectives. But, in all honesty, I still would rather watch a movie where things were blowing up.

Crazy Stupid Love – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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