Cowboys and Aliens

“I love it when a movie’s title tells you exactly what you’re in for. Like Snakes on a Plane. What’s it about? Snakes on a plane. What’s Cowboys and Aliens about? Cowboys and aliens. Simple, huh?

But things really didnt go much farther than that, which unfortunately made the movie feel kinda dry for me. The plot was pretty minimal. Really, there wasn’t much of one. Aliens abduct cowboys’ families. Cowboys go after aliens. Done. Character development was also completely out the window. Now there was an element of mystery and intrigue (the whole amnesia thing) that worked pretty well. That did keep me interested. But I dont think the action sequences were special enough to justify that skimpy of a story. Really, the film was all about the novelty of combining those two worlds. In it’s defense, it’s really tough to win me over with a western, so that could be part of my dissatisfaction.

The win I’ll give it is the cast. I adore Daniel Craig, and he does make wonderful eye candy. I particularly liked a few shots where most of the costumes and scenery were a light brown, making his gorgeous baby blues illuminate the whole screen. It did seem a bit odd not hearing a Brit accent come outta his mouth, but his dialogue was on the minimal side. Harrison Ford was basically just being Harrison Ford. Not nearly the level of badassery that we know and love him for, but he does provide a tremendous presence. All Olivia Wilde did was stand around looking in shock, and then stand around looking wise. Character wise, my favorite was Sam Rockwell. He brought a touch of heart and humor to the otherwise sorta bland film. Paul Dano was a pleasant surprise, although he didnt do too much.

I wouldnt call it a bad movie, but it sure didnt impress me much.

Cowboys & Aliens – \m/ \m/ \n

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