Lucky Number Slevin (ExpDl Top 100)

“I swear I didnt purposely rank Lucky Number Slevin at spot number seven. It just sorta happened. This movie is simply one that I thoroughly enjoy. No deep connection to it. No amazing story of when I first watched it, although just a story that illustrates its awesome…we’ll get there. Just a perfect Dawn movie.

First time I watched this, I was at home for a couple weeks after freshman year. I went to Blockbuster every other day. I was sewing a needlepoint blanket for my soon to be arriving baby cousin. One day I rented Slevin, mostly because I was drawn to Josh Hartnett, and that was even before I knew he spent half the movie in just a towel. Needless to say, I absolutely loved it. I loved the confusion and excitement from the twists and turns, the quick and witty dialogue, the gritty underground feel, the uber talented cast, the badass bad guys. When I went to return it, I bought one of those previously viewed copies to take home with me. I watched it the next day. At that point, I’d finished the blanket so I could actually watch instead of just primarily listening. I was struck by the color and all the visual clues, and the aforementioned Josh Hartnett in towel.

I feel this one calls for the trailer since its not that well known. Basically its a case of mistaken identity in the underworld. Mob boss number one mistakes Slevin for someone who owes the boss big money. Mob boss number one wants to hire him to kill mob boss number two’s son. Mob boss number two thinks Slevin owes him money and is demanding payment. And it all gets more and more complicated, without getting confusing if that makes sense.”

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