Horrible Bosses

“Cell phone crisis solved. Mom ended up calling the local store and they just gave her the activation password. I then had to fight with it to get my tones set up, but they’re good to go now. It just took a bigger chunk outta my day than I’d have liked. But I was still able to stay sorta on track for the movies, just barely.

Im not so sure it was entirely worth the rush. The awkward factor was a little too high for a little too long. The three bosses had was must’ve been incredibly fun scenery chewing roles that strangely suited them. But all of their set ups went on just a little too long, and they were just way too improbable. There was an attempt to establish how locked into their situations our three heroes (?) were, but I still couldnt quite buy it.

Once we got deep into the story, I was into it. There was less screentime for the bosses, and even some suspense and good build up with a pretty decent twist. It was too late to entirely redeem my opinion of the film, but it was enough to keep me interested.

The cast was a win, even if the rest wasn’t. As I was staring to say earlier, the casting choices for the bosses was truly inspired. Respected actors with silly roles they could just run with. I was particularly amused by the thought of former wild child Colin Farrel playing a cokehead. Even better were our three employees. Nothing but love for Jason Bateman, and he did have some pretty classic moments. I’d never really encountered Charlie Day before, but I rather liked his manic dorkitude, quite adorable really. However, the one who really stood out to me was Jason Sudeikis. Of course I’ve seen him around before, but I never thought too much of him. Its not like he did anything particularly special. Perhaps he was just the most likeable of the characters, but I just couldnt keep my eyes off him.

Yeah so ultimately good premise, just took a while to get its act together. Not worth rushing too, but you dont really need to avoid it either.

Horrible Bosses – \m/ \m/ \n

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