Serenity (ExpDl Top100)

“I have my holy trinity of three men who I consider gods: Chuck Palahniuk, Quentin Tarantino, and Billie Joe Armstrong. Joss Whedon is next in line for a spot on that list. He is responsible for my vampire obsession, as well as much of the slang that I tend to use.

Actually while we’re on the subject of slang, Serenity (or really, Firefly) is responsible for my often dropping the g at the end of -ing verbs (so runnin’ instead of running) as well as my overuse of the word “”shiny””.

I was on the later end of the pre-Serenity Firefly bandwagon. The show had been long dead by the time I discovered it (and by discovered, I mean it was thrown at me by many a nerd friend of mine) but I was quoting it pretty well before the movie. I was a little hesitant to get into it because it really doesnt sound too interesting from the premise. But it’s the world (err universe) as a whole that’s amazing.

I absolutely adore each and every one of the characters. Jayne is my favorite (I love his mix of gruff and childlike-ness) followed by River with all her quirks and insanity. As previously mentioned, I love the dialogue. I really do quote it often (I dare you to describe a situation to me as interesting, see how I respond). Watching this yesterday for the first time in a while, I just wanted to replay that first five minutes where we see our heroes over and over just to take in every line.

Back around the release of the movie, Jayne hats were the height of nerd fashion. I think every other person at the theater for the opening day screening had one. Our run crew for that summer’s production of Sweeney Todd wore them for each major set change. I didnt get my hat until a couple months later. I asked a friend to make me one to use as a prop for our group’s cabaret night. I’d learned “”Hero of Canton”” (alternate version) on the guitar.

Being a big fan of all things Buffyverse, I love all the cross-Whedon-ation of the casts. Nathan Fillion showing up on Buffy. Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin in Angel. Summer Glau was actually on Angel for an episode before Firefly. This has been an awkwardly fit paragraph that just needed to be said.

Final remark. Back on my hall, a friend and I wanted to paint a mural over spring break one year. This is what we ended up with. He did the ship. I colored in most everything else under careful guidance and specific instructions. It is one of my most proud artistic accomplishments. I actually haven’t returned to my hall in a while, so I hope it’s still in tact.”

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