Reservoir Dogs (ExpDl Top 100)

“As previously mentioned (in the last post even) Quentin Tarantino is part of my holy trinity. A genius man that I consider a god. He represents and rules over the world of film.

Im somewhat torn three ways when it comes to picking a fave Tarantino movie between Dogs, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction. I love the action of Kill Bill, but compared to the other two, the plot and dialogue are a bit thin. No that’s not a complaint, just a comparison. Storywise I prefer Reservoir Dogs over Pulp Fiction. I wont argue with anyone who says Fiction is better, this is merely personal preference. There’s also something about the gritty feel of Dogs that I love.

Pretty much every other write up of mine says what an important part dialogue is for me. Tarantino has written some of the most iconic scenes. My big cat, Lestat, decided to sit on my lap through the whole opening sequence, giving me a chance to really watch and absorb the whole thing instead of being distracted by my write up. Not one, but two classic conversations crammed into 8 minutes.

But that’s not my favorite scene in the movie. Oh no siree bob, it aint. My favorite, no question is the one where Mr Blonde cuts off the cop’s ear. Actually, whenever I’m asked what my favorite scene in a movie is, this is typically my default answer. I feel that there has to be some scene somewhere that I like better, but this is always what pops into my head first. It is one of the most twisted and sadistic scenes I’ve ever watched. Blonde is one of the most badass characters to ever hit the silver screen, and this is his finest hour. But its not the violence of the scene that I love. It’s the juxtoposition of that with him dancing to the song on the radio. “”Stuck in the Middle”” was never the same again.

Besides the obvious (story, dialogue, characters, violence) what I \m/ love about Quentin Tarantino are the details. For Dogs, I love the suits so much. Its almost like it adds a level of sophistication to the bad boys. Then the bright red blood that inevitably ends up covering most of them has an even stronger contrast. I also love the code names they use (Mr White, Mr Pink, etc). So simple, but it’s something that gets remembered. There’s also some subtle connections with Pulp Fiction. Mr Blonde is supposed to be Vincent Vega’s brother for one. I also like the theory that Marsellus Wallace’s suitcase contains the diamonds from the Dogs heist.

Reservoir Dogs is not only a triumph for Tarantino, but it has a fantastic cast with some of the best performances of their careers. We already talked about the bad assery of Michael Madsen’s Mr Blonde. I hate to overuse the word iconic, but that’s exactly what Steve Buscemi’s Mr Pink is. Chris Penn (*tear*) had quite the breakout role with this film. As far as the performance itself, Tim Roth’s Mr Orange is the best IMHO. The desperation he conveys is phenomenal.

Final remark, one of the best Mexican stand offs of all time–another signature Tarantino element”

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