The Lion King (ExpDl Top 100)

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. And by stop me, I mean just skip over this. And by this, I mean one of my favorite childhood antecdotes. I find a surprisingly lot of excuses to recount this story. Im the type that can watch the same movie over and over again. I dont do it so much because its been over two years since I haven’t had a new, unwatched film waiting for me, plus the 1400+ others I have. But this was especially true when I was a kid. I got a new movie and watched it over and over and over. My parents learned this the hard way. Back in the day, we used to have an RV that we’d take on vacations all the time. Sometimes we’d be in a big city, but others we’d go to state parks out in the middle of nowhere. We had a tv with a VCR, which we were particularly dependant on for those state park trips. The biggest mistake my parents ever made was to buy me The Lion King and give it to me the morning of one such strip. Guess what we watched for five straight days? 😀

You’ll find as we get higher and higher on this list, there’s gonna be a recurring theme of movies I watched over and over as a kid. Get used to it. I really dont think I need to justify my love of The Lion King to anybody. Its so fun with great music and fantastic characters, but its also really dramatic and emotional. Voice talent that is just phenomenal.

Here’s another antecdote. Freshman year, my roommate and I are on our way to see a friend in a production of Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are dead. Since I wasn’t particularly familiar with Hamlet, on the T ride over the roomie gave me Hamlet 101. It started with something like “”So, you’ve seen The Lion King, yeah?””. And this is why I hear Hakuna Matata in my head whenever I see an R&G reference.”

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