Cars 2

“I was kinda distracted during this one. It’s not fault of the movie, I’ve just been stressing out about some stuff and was rather anxious to get back to it. That said, I did find the movie enjoyable, just not quite as magical as Pixar usually is.

When the first Cars came out, I remember thinking it was a really strange concept. But it worked. The characters were fun and the automobile play and jokes were so clever. Cars 2 was a lot more of that. It didnt make the sequel mistake of overdoing what the original did. But it also didnt really add too much.

I did appreciate that the story was more centered on Mater than Lightning McQueen. Mater is my favorite character (with Guido close behind) so I was more than happy to see the spotlight follow him. The whole spy storyline was great, just because it was cool to see that in the Cars world. I liked that it had a strong friendship message for the kiddies.

Great additions to the voice cast. I recognized Eddie Izzard immediately and was thrilled to hear him. And you can’t go wrong with Michael Caine. I also appreciated the reverent nod to the late Paul Newman’s Doc Hudson.

Should point out that I opted for the 2D showing, and I dont feel like I missed out on anything.

Cars 2 – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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