Zombieland (ExpDl Top 100)

“In short, Zombieland is the quintessential Dawn movie: clever comedy, fun action, perfect cast, supernatural element, rocking soundtrack, fantastic dialogue. I really dont think this movie could be any more perfect for me. Not unlike anything by Joss Whedon.

Its a wonder that I even get thru the whole movie without rewatching the first five minutes over and over and over. First off, I love the rules like whoa! They’re such a perfect quirky addition to the film. Also, makes for a great drinking game. Trust me, I’ve done it, and I dont remember much else from that night…Anyhoo, and I love how they keep reappearing. But its not just their inclusion, I love the way that the text is displayed on the screen. It’s actually inserted into the scenes. Then following the rules, you have the best opening credits sequence ever. Metallica, slo mo, hilarity, awesomeness. And everything just keeps getting better and better from there.

I also love some of the small details. My favorite prolly being the quick explanation for the virus: “”Mad cow became mad person became mad zombie””. Simple but believable enough. Other examples would be the character names, and Tallahassee’s twinkie obsession. I also couldnt agree more with his comment about not liking coconut because of the consistency not the taste. For the record, I do like coconut flavor, but I dont like that type of coconut on my treats.

The cast is also perfect. Woody Harrelson is one of my favorites. Can you believe that in the same year he had Zombieland and earned an Oscar nomination for The Messenger? Its that type of range that earns my respect (see also Meryl Streep the year before). I cannot wait to see him as Haymitch in the Hunger Games. Truly inspired casting. I adore Jesse Eisenberg, as the shy lovable nerd. And if Ellen Page isn’t available to play me in my biopic, Emma Stone would be a suitable replacement. I also approve of Abigail Breslin’s run as the token cute little girl, and even more approve of her darker turn here. (By the way, Ms Dakota Fanning, where exactly is your Oscar nomination? Oh thats right. Score one for Breslin)

Also, one of the rockingest end credit songs ever!

And now Im jonesing for a twinkie.”

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