The Goonies (ExpDl Top 100)

“While there’s a lot about The Goonies that I absolutely love, there’s one particular reason why it ranks so highly on my list. In short, its the center of one of my absolute happiest childhood memories.

Im not sure how old I was. I was little enough that I still had a bed time on the weekends, but old enough that the ‘rents would let it slide on occasion. One Saturday night, it’s getting pretty close to bedtime. I think I was gonna call it a night early cause I was bored. I walk into the family room, and my Daddy has the TV on, as per usual. “”Whatcha watching”” “”The Goonies”” “”The what?!”” “”The Goonies”” “”What’s a Goonie?”” *points to the screen* “”That’s a Goonie”” “”What do you mean?”” “”Just watch””. The movie was just getting started, as part of some sorta Halloween related monster movie weekend thingy on TNT. I pulled up my bean bag chair and sat next to my daddy and we watche the whole thing. The adventure of the film, plus the excitement of getting to stay up past my bedtime made it one of the most perfect nights I can remember. Every time I watch this movie, it just takes me back to that night.

Another thing that makes me connect so strongly with this film is the outcast factor. I think that’s something that attracted my dad to this movie too. People love to root for the underdogs, and you dont get more under than the Goonies. Please dont ask me to pick a favorite Goonie. I’ll keep going back and forth between Mouth, Chunk, Data, and Mikey over and over. That’s something else that’s so brilliant about this film. Each character is quirky and loveable in their own right.

A big part of what makes those characters so great is the actors playing them. It took a long time for me to comprehend that Mr Samwise Gamgee, Sean Astin, is Mikey. I still can’t ever get over the fact that Josh Brolin is Brand. Even now I’m staring at the screen in disblief. And I wouldn’t be able to call myself a fan of all things 80’s without an overabundance of love for Corey Feldman. Yeah, I think Mouth really is my favorite Goonie.

One more thing. If I ever yell “”HEY YOU GUYS!”” at you across the room, dont judge me. That’s certainly something I’ve been known to do. I did that at field camp (my stupid geology class in the desert) all the time whenever we’d see one of our other groups across the way. All I ever got were weird looks, thus exacerbating how unhappy I was to be there. No, Im not still bitter, I dont know what the \m/ you’re talking about…

But I want to end this on a happy note, so I leave you with the truffle shuffle

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