Green Lantern

“Here’s one of the movies I was most excited for this summer. The main reason for that excitement I will freely admit was Ryan Reynolds, and his abs in 3D. In that area, at least, the film didnt disappoint.

I do like superhero movies. But with the excpetion of Superman (and some Batman) I’m a Marvel girl. DC just isnt my world. If it hasn’t been on the big screen, I know nothing about it. Such was the case for me with Green Lantern. I was actually kinda excited to see this because I knew nothing about him. And I did have one of my buddies geeking out beforehand giving us Green Lantern 101, which was much appreciated. As far as the film itself, it’s one of those that just sorta was.

So much of the film was spent on establishing the character and his story. It’s an inevitable part of a superhero movie, especially for one who isn’t so mainstream. With Lantern, you not only needed to introduce Hal Jordan and how he got his powers, but you also had to explain how those powers work, and the backstory behind them. Yeesh that’s a lotta exposition. With all that, you really dont have much left for the rest of the movie. and that’s really how it felt.

Ryan Reynolds did add a certain charm to the film that kept it engaging. As my Lantern loving buddy pointed out afterwards, any of the clever moments and snappy dialogue was all Reynolds since that’s not typically part of Lantern’s persona. My response is thank God for that, because it really would have been an utterly boring film otherwise.

I am interested to see what happens with the franchise if it can take off. There was a mid credit scene that sets up the next storyline, which also lines up with the Lantern lesson I’d been given pre-movie.

Green Lantern – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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