Inception (ExpDl Top 100)

“Another way you know that we’re really starting to get into the movies that I absolutely love, I’m too enthralled by the movie to semi-live blog like I had been doing. That was the case today with Inception. I sat down in front of hte laptop, and just couldnt look away from the tv screen. Although now I’m a bit distracted because someone from high school stumbled on my phone number and is texting me. I’m actively ignoring her texts but at the same time have been prompted to do my semi annual ritual of looking up HS people on Facebook and hoping they look fat in their profile pix because I sure as hell am not gonna ever \m/ friend them to find out what’s going on. But we’re not here to talk about that.

So Inception was my favorite movie of last year. No question. But because it was in the middle of my crazy summer, I wasn’t able to do a write up when I watched it. I’d hoped to do a belated one, but I suppose this will hafta do.

I actually saw this one at the IMAX. That was sorta our thing to do with my previous roomie. I won’t admit to what early summer film we were there for (though I will put all the blame on her since I clearly wasn’t opposed to seeing giant sparkly pretty boys, but I did not instigate the plan) when we saw a trailer for Inception. Now, I’d seen the trailer a few times already and was predictably psyched beyond all reason. But the trailer includes that shot of the dream folding in on itself, and it looked a-\m/-mazing on that big screen. We both looked at each other and knew we were coming back there for this film.

There’s few flicks that have left me in such a state of awe, complete with the wide eyes and dropped jaw. Didnt mean for that to rhyme. But everything about this movie screams out my style: intense, action, dramatic, fantastic cast, lil messed up. I did keep a running list of topics to discuss while I was watching the film just now. Debating whether I should run thru it in that order (which is really nonsensical) or try to figure out a better flow.

I’ll start with an antecdote. One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard (and I really wish I woulda been clever enough to think of it myself) was back during a rehearsal for Jesus Christ Superstar last summer. During the Overture, we had a big group fight scene that went to slo-mo at a certain part in the music. One night, the director gives one of the girls a note that her slo-mo is just a lil too slow. Without missing a beat, another cast member chimes in with “”You know Inception? We’re all on the elevator. You were in the van””. Mind = blown.

Want something else that’s mind blowing? I love internet memes. Like this one.

Now to try and get into the real meat of this post. Ew. Please ignore the poor choice of phrasing. I just wanna say that Christopher Nolan is a \m/ genius. He took a basic concept (dreams) with infinite possibilities and came up with a film that’s intriguing and mysterious and relatable and not overly complicated. Seriously knife’s edge balance between keeping things too simplistic or getting in way over his head. The film goes into enough detail to get you engaged without leaving you confused throughout the whole thing, well not confused enough to detract. And then it leaves so much that can be processed and thought about and discussed for hours on end. Im not just talking about the ending, although that’s certainly a subject that can spark long conversations deep into the night. But just the whole landscape of the dream. It’s bloody fascinating.

It’s also just believable enough. I’ve certainly gotten inspiration or ideas from my dreams. Some of them were minor. Back when we were doing Children of Eden we had to pick what animal we wanted to be in the garden of Eden and on Noah’s ark. I dreamt about kangaroos. I pretty much woke up and screamed “”kangaroo”” before looking around and realizing what was going on. Some can be a little bigger. I dreamt about my eagle tattoo before I got the idea. My cousins had thrown the idea out there of getting some ink done right after my daddy passed to commemorate us all being together. It was just a passing thought, but I’d spent a good little while thinking about what I’d get. That night, I dreamt I got an eagle tatto, and I woke up the next day knowing that’s what I wanted. A couple weeks later voila.

Inception also has some of the absolute best action sequences ever. Yes, I’m mostly talking about the rotating room. I just love the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt did his own stunts for this. It looks that much better since you can actually see his face. That scene alone was worth the trek to the IMAX. I just love the attention to detail paid here and throughout the film. Like how they had the foresight to put that second dream level in a setting where slicked back hair would fit, so there wouldnt be any Alfalfa hair distracting from the awesome of the scene.

You also could not ask for a better cast. I’ve gushed over Leo Dicaprio and Joseph Gordon Levitt many many times in this blog. And of course, I’ve mentioned how I not just want, but NEED Ellen Page to play me in a movie one day. Cillian Murphy was a fantastic surprise, and ’twas a great introduction to Tom Hardy (particularlly love the way his Eames interacts with Joe’s Arthur). Marion Cotillard was an inspired choice. And any excuse to have Michael Caine in a film is a good one!

There’s so much more I could talk about with this film, but how about we save that for a light night discussion over beers sometime?”

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