Saved! (ExpDl Top 100)

“I absolutely adore this movie for the same reasons why it freaks me out and makes me a lil uncomfortable. I pretty much lived this movie in junior high and early high shcool (except without the whole teen pregnancy thing). I grew up in a pretty hardcore Christian family. I did the whole youth group thing thru high school, including missions trips and drama team and all sorts of Jesus freak fun. Hell, I was even friends with a girl who was exactly like Mandy Moore’s character, Hiliary Faye, all the way down to the piano playing. Names are being withheld to protect the overly zealous.

The early scenes got me cringing. Every sentance had the word Christian in it: good Christian boyfriend, voted best Christian designer, Christian school, etc. It sounded like any conversation with my mom. Oh and we’ve been having some discussions lately over some differing beliefs.

Dont get me wrong. I do have a strong faith in God. However, I choose not to be as vocal about it. The whole missions trip thing is way past me. I feel that everyone has their rights to their own beliefs, and it’s not my place to try and force mine on someone else. That said, I am totally open about it. If someone else starts the discussion, or I’m asked something directly, I’m more than happy to answer. I guess in the context of the movie, I used to be kinda like Tia. Die hard but a social wannabe. Now, I’m Patrick. Play the whole thing cool, but practically. And I totally Ebay-ed the awesome shirt he wears in one scene.

Even if you remove the whole Jesus factfor from the movie, you’ve still got a pretty awesome one. Okay, you’re left with more sap than I’d care for, but with the God-centric plot it all balances out. Right, we’re not discussing that now. I \m/ love the dialogue in this film. I quote it often in my head (“”Mary, please, it’s a Vespa”” whenever I see a scooter). I’d say the lines outloud, but I doubt anyone would get the references. Love love love the cast. Macaulay Culkin is what first drew me to the film. It was one of his first ones after his acting hiatus, and since he was my first big celeb crush, I blindly followed him to this movie. Absolutely adore Patrick Fugit. I used to ask a hallmate to get me a Patrick Fugit for my birthday. Sadly, she never came thru. Mary-Louise Parker is another plus for the film. The characters on their own are great. I really wanna be as badass as Cassandra, and Roland is hysterical.

Ooooh final stand off. So emotional. You’ve got the progressive thinkers mouthing off against the uber conservatives. IMDB trivia tells me that the original ending had Hillary Faye taking a gun to the school. That would’ve been interesting to see, but I think what she ends up doing really does fit so much better. I wont spoil.”

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