Catch Me If You Can (ExpDl Top 100)

“Before I say anything else, can I say how I absolutely love that the subtitles over the opening credits are describing the music (strings join in…melody ascends…saxophone, bass playing improvising melody).

The random association I have with this movie is that I bought it the first time I went Black Friday shopping. Y’know, the day after Thanksgiving where you wake up at an ungodly hour and risk life and limb for the lowest prices of the season on crap you dont need? That’s one of my absolute favorite days of the year.

What I love about this movie, besides the ever talented and ever gorgeous Leonardo Dicaprio of course, is that it is one of the most fun and engaging films I’ve encountered. The story is intriguing, the pace is quick, the music (thank you, John Williams) is captivating. And the colors are so bright and happy. I’m also attracted to smart movies about smart people, and every time I watch this I am just awed by how brilliant Frank Abignale Jr is. Sure a lot of it is luck, but so much of it is fantastic observation skills and imagination.

If we’d come to this movie a couple weeks later I’d prolly be able to compare it to the stage show. I’m just dying to watch it. It’s rare that I’m interested in a show for the show itself (as opposed to because of a cast member), but it’s getting good buzz and it’s been put together by the people who did Hairspray, so that certainly bodes well.

Wonderful cast. I think I’ve had plenty of chances to gush over Leo (and we’re not done with him yet on this list). Tom Hanks is another perennial favorite. I’m fairly sure this was my first real introduction to Christopher Walken. I’d seen him here and there before, but this was when I was first able to really appreciate him. Seeing some of my fave gals in lesser roles before their careers took off also scores points for this movie. Im only talking about Amy Adams and Elizabeth Banks. Jennifer Garner annoys me, mostly due to the fact that she was all over the publicity for this film, and she’s got one scene that she shot in one day.

Heeee I totally forgot about the James Bond bit. Adorable!

This film also taught me one of my favorite phrases “”I concur””. I feel both smart and like a smart ass anytime I say it. It’s quite wonderful!”

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