The Breakfast Club (ExpDl Top 100)

“Yet another thing that is not at all a secret about me. I identify as an outcast. Yes, things in my post-high school life have gotten much better in that department, but I still carry some baggage and I consider it a part of who I am. Now it’s more of a voluntary rebellion, as opposed to the forced upon status that it used to be. Still, it’s enough for me to relate to the characters in The Breakfast Club.

I think Im somewhere between the brain and the basketcase. Yes I was among the nerds back in HS, but that wasnt what I was picked on for (mostly). I also have the quiet and some of the strangeness of Allison. If nothing else, her lunch is the one that looks the most appetizing to me. Honest. She’s certainly my favorite Club-er, besides Bender, but that’s because Im totally crushing on him.

I dont know if I necessarily buy how the kids all end up bonding together, but it’s certainly something I’d love to believe. I’ll revise. I think that their unlikely friendship that forms is believable, but I also believe that it was dropped on Monday morning. Still, that doesnt take away from the power of this film. Actually, before going to the positive, the one other gripe I have with it, is that I dont at all agree with the whole makeover bit for Allison. Maybe I’m just protective of her character, but I dont think she should have felt the need to change herself.

Im in such a weird mood right now. I wanna talk about how much I love this movie, but it’s just those negative aspects that are hitting me first. Here goes. I do love the characters. We all have at least one of them we can relate to (two in my case). The brat pack cast is such an iconic symbol of the 80’s, and here they are at their most classic. The dialogue is so memorable and quotable.

This is a movie I have to watch anytime I catch it on tv (which was rather often back in high school). I remember one time, my daddy joined me for it. I dont remember if he’d seen it before, but he commented on Principal Vernon. So my dad taught high school for twenty some years. He was a damn good teacher, one of those who really cared and just enjoyed teaching and helping kids learn. Anyways, we’re watching, and he’s just getting so \m/ frustrated with Principal Vernon, saying that he was not a good principal and the way that he dealt with the kids was entirely wrong. I dont know where I’m going with this, it’s just a random association I have with the film.

Actually, watching it now, I really am more Brian than Allison, especially back in the day.”

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