D2: The Mighty Ducks (ExpDl Top 100)

“Aaaaand the 90’s nostalgia continues here on Expletive Dleted with something that’s easily in the top five most watched movies in my collection–D2: The Mighty Ducks.

Protip: In the unlikely event that you’re ever playing Battleship against me, try D2. I almost always put something on that spot. And you should keep that spot empty, cause it’s usually one of the first spaces I try.

I think the reason I preferred this to the original growing up was mainly that the characters were a bit older, therefore much more attractive to this pre-teenybopper. And this one gave you two bash brothers (Portman wasn’t in the original). Fulton was definitely my favorite character in the franchise. With my over active imagination and no siblings, one of my favorite games to play by myself was to write myself into movie sequels. (I think we discussed this back with Tom & Huck). My Mighty Ducks sequel, despite the fact that I couldnt and still can’t skate, had me as another “”bash sibling”” I suppose, who had a thing going with Fulton. And I think I had some special shot kinda like Fulton’s power shot or Russ’ knucklepuck.

Continuing the theme from yesterday when we were saying that they dont make family movies the same nowadays, they also dont make kiddie sports movies the same. Actually, I always refer to your underdog sports movie as a “”mighty ducks”” film, because this franchise was so perfect. Well, it was perfect in my nine year old eyes, and I still hold that there hasn’t been anything that compares. I think one of the key elements that makes the ducks winners (pun somewhat intended) is that the charcaters are great. The kids are developed past their stereotypes. And the movie is about far more than just the competition. In the first film, you have all of the drama around Charlie and his mom’s relationship with Bombay, as well as the whole thing with Banks leaving the enemy team to join the ducks. Here you’ve got the kids having to accept their new, different teammates, and Bombay selling out, and of course the rivalry with Iceland.

Great cast. I’ve followed Joshua Jackson since watching these movies, and I adore that boy. His Charlie really is the heart and soul of the ducks. And of course, coach Bombay, Emilio Estevez–my favorite member of the Estevez/Sheen family, no question. Great start for Kenan Thompson who went on to Nickelodeon’s All That and now SNL. Can I also say that I love that they take Chris Whyte from this film, cut and dye his hair, and hope that no one notices that he’s a different enemy player in D3?

I think that on some subconscious level, part of the reason I genuinely loved these films was that it gave me a different connection with my daddy. He grew up in Minnesota, where the bulk of the franchise is set. He played hockey as a kid. If not for these movies, I’d have no concept of the sport. My hometown hits freezing temperature for maybe 5 days in the year, so ice is outta the question. We got a minor league hockey team when I was in high school, and they had to pass out pamphlets with the rules, and explain things on the Jumbotron. My daddy took us to the opening game, and I think he was the only one not on the ice who knew how the game worked.

I love that I can still quote this movie along with it. There’s lines that just get stuck in my head sometimes. I certainly picked up the phrase “”they’re gunnin’ for you”” (and its variations) from this film. And I’ve learned the lyrics to “”We Will Rock You”” and “”We Are The Champions”” thanks to the Ducks. One of the things that made me happiest in the past year, was when I was waiting in a headhunter’s office while job hunting, one of their agents (is that the term) was yelling out quotes from the other room. I distinctly remember “”Wu Wu Kenny Wu!””. I just love the fact that this film is beloved by more than just me. That doesnt mean I didnt get weird looks every time I chanted “”quack! quack! quack!”” at any sporting event. You can imagine my disappointment when I first went to a hockey game and there was no flying V.

PS – Go Bruins!”

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