Chasing Amy (ExpDl Top 100)

“Ooooh long weekend ahead of me, with minimal plans on the schedule. That translates to lots of movie watching. And because UPS didnt notice my just-drop-off-the-package-if-Im-not-here slip, I didnt get in season 1 of Carnivale, so I wont have conflicting DVD desires.

Huh. Has it really taken us this long to get to a Kevin Smith movie? I guess so. I dont really recall what got me curious about him to begin with (actually, I think it started with Dogma), but we reached a point where I just had to have all of them. Chasing Amy is the film that really made me appreciate his dialogue.

Srsly, I talk alot about how important good dialogue is in a movie, and this screenplay is about as good as it gets. This scene (NSFW) is prolly my favorite, and that was before I even knew it was an homage to Jaws. But for realz, every interaction is wittier and more biting than the last. I can only aspire to have the speech capabilities that Smith’s characters possess. Especially with this film, there’s a lot of scenes that just stick with me, and quotes that have made it into my repertoire. “”Only if you let me tape it”” makes frequent appearances in my conversations. I’ll let you figure out what insult that is in response to.

If you just hear the plot, or the 3 second summary of the film (Ben Affleck falls in love with a lesbian), please dont immediately dismiss it as your typical romantic comedy. While that is a big part of it, their friendship is what the film is really about. And as I write this, we’re at the big scene where Ben confesses his love, and its such an arrow right thru the heart. So maybe I’ll reconsider the previous sentance as I take a deep breath and soak in the scene…If this is a crush, I dont think I could take it if the real thing ever happened.

On a lighter note, and a kinda random one, because of this movie, I really dont like the word “”fisticuffs””. Every time I come across it, my mind mistakes it for “”finger cuffs”” and I get _really_ confused.”