“Gonna be short because the cats are hungry, Im sleepy, and there wasn’t much to this movie.

Priest is one of those movies that looked awful, but I still felt compelled to go see it. For one, I’m a sucker for vampires (pun somewhat intended), and for another, I do love Paul Bettany. But ugh, this movie is so \m/ beneath him. It was Legion all over again, only slightly less sucky.

But at least I had a freebie to use, and I knew what I was potentially getting myself into. I walked into the theater armed with some pleasant daydreams to fall back on, and settled into my seat with them.

I wouldnt necessarily call this a bad movie. The story was streamlined, there were some \m/ good action scenes, and I liked the cast. But there wasn’t anything special about it. Nothing that got me excited. Nothing that makes it particularly stand out from any other generic vampire movie. But at least there wasn’t anything that made it stand out as particularly awful.

Priest – \m/ \n

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