(500) Days of Summer (ExpDl Top 100)

“Really outta character choice for me. I know. I was so hesitant about seeing this film when it was out. But I’d heard a lot of good things, love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as previously mentioned), and it was playing at the theater at the mall I was at in LA one day. Given that the film made this list, I think you can assume I was quite happy I saw it. I was sold from the first few frames on screen. I wont give it away if you’ve yet to see it, but you’ll understand immediately upon viewing.

I love this film because its so quirky and original and clever (that split screen shindig scene – sensational!). I almost forget its a rom com. I see it more as a character piece. I still want to be Summer every time I watch this. And any film that can pull off an out of sequence storyline without confusion totally wins.

One thing that amuses me is that this seems to be the one stereotypically girly movie that’s okay for boys to like. My evidence for that is that I see it listed on a lot of guys’ OkCupid profiles as a favorite. I think the fact that its told from the boy’s point of view helps de-girl-ify it a bit too.

I do find it interesting how lately the trend in Hollywood has been to reverse stereotypically gender roles. Here, Tom is the sappy lost in love puppy and Summer is detached and less romantic. I’d meant to bring this up when I wrote up Rabbit Hole but forgot when it came blog time. There, Aaron Eckhart’s character was the more blatantly emotional one and Nicole Kidman was more stoic. Another (much lighter) example is Marhsall and Lilly on HIMYM. The trend has taken over to the point where its sorta become unconventional to be conventional.

Also worth noting that it was the first film where I saw Chloe Grace Morritz. Yep, before Kick Ass and Let Me In. Love her. But not as much as I love Zooey Deschannel. Which isnt nearly as much as I love Joseph Gordon Levitt. Okay, gonna stop with the love fest.

Oh yay! I always forget Clark Gregg is in this. Mad respect for him.

Really the musical sequence is what makes it all worthwhile. Who knew a Hall and Oates song would ever become one of my favorites?”