The 40 Year Old Virgin (ExpDl Top 100)

“I know that now The 40 Year Old Virgin is regarded as a current comedy classic. But I seem to recall the trailer not impressing me. I had no intention of ever seeing it. And then I started to hear some good things about it. Then I heard more. And more. And eventually, I just had to \m/ see it.

This has to be one of the movies I quote most. Or rather, I have a buddy I tend to quote this with _very_ often. I dont know how many times we’ve gone back and forth with the “”Do you know how I know you’re gay”” lines, or stolen various comebacks when we’re “”arguing””. Judd Apatow is brilliant.

This movie launched so many careers. It was certainly Steve Carrell’s break out film, and it gave Paul Rudd a big boost. Then there were a whole lotta others (Seth Rogen, Jane Lynch, Elizabeth Banks, Leslie Mann) who people would refer back to this movie when mentioning them in the subsequent movies where they did get their breaks. For example, when talking about Knocked Up, you’d say it starred the guy with the goatee from …Virgin.”

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