Detroit Rock City (ExpDl Top 100)

“Blowing off rehearsal tonight. And by that I mean, it was vocal rehearsal, so I didnt actually need to be there. Sooooooo…

Detroit Rock City. This first came into my radar back in ’99 when it was released. The reason: Sam Huntington. I mentioned him briefly when we discussed Fanboys. I’d loved him as Mimi Siku in Jungle 2 Jungle. That was actually one of my fave flicks back in jr high. When I first started surfing the ‘net, I used Matika as my screen name. Anyhoo, Detroit Rock City was Sam’s next big movie role.

However, there was a problem. I was about 14 when this R rated flick was released. My parents were very much like Jam’s mom: uber conservative, assumed all rock music was santanic, and generally thought the world was an evil place out to corrupt me and send me to hell. Therefore, watching an R rated movie was out of the question until I was 17. Thankfully, there was Encore. Soon after its theatrical run was over, the channel started playing the movie. I remember recording it in secret, and watching it quietly in my room, under the radar from my parents. Sadly the recording stopped a few minutes early, so it cut off most of the concert scene. Dont worry. I have since acquired the DVD.

I loved everything about it. The boys, first off. Not just Sam, but Edward Furlong as well. And then there was the music. The soundtrack is so classic, not just Kiss but everything classic rock. Granted, I wasn’t in a place to appreciate it then, but it worked on my subconsciously. I became a Kiss fan without even realizing it. I can’t hear songs from the film and not picture the scenes that they were underscoring. But perhaps the biggest win for me (as always) is the dialogue. Such yummy quotable lines: “”I just lost my virginity in a confessional. Lord have mercy!”” “”As they say in the tampon business, see you next period”” “”GIVE ME BACK MY \m/ DRUMSTICK…please”” “”They make scary movies that start out that way…yeah, but they make porno movies that start out that way too””.

Right, so if the tunes and the talk dont sell you on it, Im not sure what will.”

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