Shutter Island (ExpDl Top 100)

“Before I get into the movie of the moment, here’s some quick commentary on what I saw at the theater today (since Im playing the Im-so-busy-with-Spelling-Bee card and not doing full write ups)

First was Sucker Punch. I’d been trying to dismiss all of the negative I was hearing but trying to convince myself that Zach Snyder is just hit or miss with people. For \m/ sake I still cant figure out whether or not I liked Watchmen. I have almost equally mixed feelings about Sucker Punch, but more on the negative end. The visual was fan-\m/-tastic. Snyder really knows how to make a comic book quality come to life. But the concept failed, the pace was slow, and something just didnt work.

But you know what was awesome? Source Code! Between that and Moon, Duncan Jones is well on his way to sci-fi god status. Intriguing and original premise, great cast, good puzzle, just believable enough fake science. I was actually quite proud of myself for having figured it out, and then forgotten until the reveal. Much room for debate. Kinda felt like Inception crossed with Memento.

So now that those are done, the actual discussion here is Shutter Island. Remember back when we discussed The Green Mile I said that was one of the two most true to the story adaptations I’ve read and seen? Well Shutter Island is the other. Reading the book I could pretty much picture every single scene playing in my head. While I do enjoy reading to pick up new details, there’s something really cool and uniquely satisfying about this type of situation.

Also, this was one of the few movies I saw twice last year. I went opening weekend of course, and actually had some trouble doing so (read the write up for the full story), and then went again for my bday. Good times.

Lotsa reasons why this movie made my list. Excellent, suspenseful, and mysterious story. Points for the Boston-area setting (and reasonable accents). Leonardo Dicaprio looking gorgeous (he shows up on this list a lot). Its kinda messed up. There’s a lotta that on ExpDelTop100. So yeah, shouldnt be a surprise that this was included.”

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