Clueless (ExpDl Top 100)

“I keep geting distracted by the awesome that is this movie, that I cant pause to write anything. On the surface the movie might seem too girlie for me, but there’s so much more to it than ditzy mall hopping. I suppose the fact that I watched this back in sixth grade, the brief time where I actually did have a bit of a girly phase, prolly helps too. As a preteenybopper just about to start junior high, this movie represented all the awesome that I thought high school could possibly be. We all know the ending to this story. It wasnt. But whatever, its still such a fun movie.

One of the things that separates it from your typical high school comedies is that while the characters may not have the most brains, they have a helluva lotta heart. Cher means well in everything she does, and you can’t help but side with her. Alicia Silverstone is just brilliant beyond belief. She isnt over the top, and is completely genuine.

Silverstone isnt the only buzzworthy cast member. There’s also Paul Rudd, of course. Pretty sure this is where I first saw him, and I adore that boy with every movie that he does. It was actually a bit of a mind \m/ the first time I’d watched this in a while, after Rudd’s rise thru Judd Apatow movies. And of course you also have Brittany Murphy. She used to be one of my fave actresses. So tragic that she’s gone now. I also need to give a shout out for Breckin Meyer.

No secret that I love killer dialogue, and Clueless totally delivers there. I ran around saying “”whatever”” and “”as if”” back in the day (and often bought jewelery with such phrases). That talk was all the rage for me in 6th grade, but now its about the more clever lines, many of which Ive only recently discovered.

The other thing I obsessed over in sixth grade were the outfits. I wanted to dress like Cher and the girls so bad. Y’know, I bet if I did have access to her kinda threads, my girlish streak may have lasted longer. I think Im more than happy having gone punk instead.”

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