Harry Potter and the…Everythign Really (ExpDl Top 100)

“Here’s one where I feel I could talk forever, but I also feel like there really isnt anything to say. I’ll admit I was a bit late to the Harry Potter party. I didnt see any of them until Prisoner of Azkaban was out. Goblet of Fire was the first I saw in the theater. I read the books between Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince.

I just love the whole atmosphere, the magic, the youth, the fun, the mystery, the ultimate evil, the thoroughly good, the characters, the suspense, everything. And it something that’s so universally well loved too. Its the first thing my roommate and I bonded over. Yesterday I wore my Neville Longbottom shirt to work and got so many comments on it from my coworkers. The midnight showings are always so batshit and fun.

You know what else is fun? Avada kedavra shots: equal parts scotch whiskey, sour apple pucker, Goldschlagger, and gold tequila with a splash of lemon and a few drops of tabasco. They’re a Hellmouth (my apt) party tradition. Im actually in the process of acquiring what’s needed for the Imperius and Cruciatus shots.

Since Im clearly not gonna sit here and watch 7 movies in a row, Im just watching Goblet of Fire. That’s my favorite for both the books and movies (pending the release of Deathly Hallows pt 2). Im a sucker for the game type storyline. Case in point, my favorite books in Cirque Du Freak were the ones with the vampire trials. I dont know what it is about that type of story that gets me.

What’s really weird watching it this time around is Robert Pattinson as Cedric. He looks so much more natural and at ease than he does as Edward Cullen. Its just weird.

I do love how heavily featured the twins are in this one. They’re totally my favorite characters (with Neville close behind, also very featured here).

Another reason I like this one is that it really changed the game. Here you had your first major death, and realized that “”he who must not be named”” was playing for keeps. While it may be set in a kiddie fantasy world, this is not that mindless fluff aimed at the young ‘uns.”

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