Elf (ExpDl Top 100)

“Ooooh another one of my Christmas movies. I may have strategically placed The Godfather between them so that they weren’t back to back. But now we have back to back James Caan. And I only thought of that cause his name came up in the credits.

I tend to approach Will Ferrell movies with caution. When it comes to scene stealing bit parts, the man is phenomenal. When he has a lead role, his schtick usually gets old fast. Elf is the one solid exception to that. His child-like wonder really carries the movie. Usually he’s too over the top with his zany characters (which is why its best in small doses) but his Buddy has such an honesty to it, that you cant help but love him.

Its just so fun and happy but with just enough WTF moments to offset the sugary sweet. Edge of a knife balance going on there, and the result is perfect quotable fun for the whole family (including the bblack sheep) comedy.

Also lovely to see Zooey Deschanel in just about anything. Her Jovie is certainly a worthy ingenue.

Kinda sad that I missed the show when it was on Broadway, although I hear that while it was fun it wasn’t anything too exciting. Im sure I’ll see some production somewhere at some point.

The “”Baby Its Cold Outside”” scene is one of my faves in the movie. However, I find this version of the song FAR superior. Okay ,that was just an excuse to post that video.”

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