The Lincoln Lawyer

“Was really tempted to be lazy and skip the write up. As a compromise, I’ll likely keep it short.

Yes, I did use that Fandango Groupon on this movie. But even without that, this was my high priority movie for the weekend. However, that Groupon meant that I could go tonight for just as cheap as a matinee, which then makes the rest of my weekend logistics alot easier. And I’ll still have time for an ExpDelTop100 flick (the next one’s short anyways).

I very much enjoyed this one. I’ve established that I like trying to solve the puzzle or the mystery in a story, and thats exactly the type of thing that The Lincoln Lawyer delivered. I actually intend to pick up the book next time I find myself at Borders.

Great cast. Matthew McConaughey played the surprisingly layered lawyer superbly. I adore Ryan Phillippe, especially in these darker roles. He plays intense with a lot of fire (not to mention how smoldering he looks when doing it). Marisa Tomei annoys me. I think she’s one of the most overrated Oscar winners of the day, and I just didnt like her here. But the unexpected appearance of Michaela Conlin (Angela on Bones) more than made up for it.

And I got distracted by YouTube just now. Gonna call this one done

The Lincoln Lawyer – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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