V For Vendetta (ExpDl Top 100)

“This film had actually been left off the list on the first draft. Not sure how it’d been overlooked. Then I got this, and I realized the movie wasnt on the list and it really had to be. Granted, the ink is about the text, not the source. But I still feel a strong connection to the film because of that quote of dialogue.

The traditional first-time-I-saw-this-film story. Nothing too special. Me and a buddy were catching lotsa late night weekend flicks together one year. This was one of ’em. Had a habit of showing up a lil bit later than ideal and getting stuck in the front section. That was the case here. We both left with our minds totally blown.

I had some mixed feelings about the hype leading up to the film. For one, Hollywood had been all abuzz about it because of Natalie Portman’s hair (or lack thereof). Talk about your easy publicity. So there was an intrigue around what kind of film would make an actress of her status make such a bold commited move for it? And then there was also the Wachowski brothers. On the one hand, they are responsible for The Matrix, so awesomesauce. On the other, they’re responsible for the Matrix sequels, so apprehension abounded. Clearly since the film made my list, I really \m/ loved it!

I love the rebellious spirit it has. Granted, my personal rebellious side tends to be on a much smaller scale. Im too apathetic to care about any sorta political rebellion. My battles tend to be against societal norms. But that doesnt mean that V’s revolution doesnt resonate with me.

I read the graphic novel earlier this year. While some of the details of the story are different, the spirit is very much the same. In that respect, I think its a damn good adaptation. There’s some original moments of brilliance in the film, especially with the dialogue. Exhibit A would be V’s verbose and alliterative introduction.

Another point of brilliance in the film is Hugo Weaving. After a while, you dont even notice he’s wearing a mask. His voice and tone and gestures are so \m/ expressive. And I just love that he never isnt unmasked. Such a powerful choice.”

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