Frailty (ExpDl Top 100)

“I cant remember what drew me to Frailty. I know I got it outta the bargain bin at Best Buy waaaay back freshman year. But I can’t for the life of me remember why I chose to. I know I hadn’t seen any trailers or heard anything about it. Im not a particularly big fan of Matthew McConaughey (he’s hot and I enjoy his work, but I dont seek him out). At the time, I dont think the back of the box summary would have intrigued me as much as it would now. As it turns out, this is possibly the best impulse bargain bin buy I’ve ever made (movie wise at least)!

A theme you’ll find among some of my faves is that I like messed up movies. Like really good and \m/ up, makes you weep for humanity that some depraved mind came up with this shit. This is one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen, which is why I love it so damn much. I have certain favorite films that I hafta watch around related holidays, and this is always my Halloween pick. It just sets the creepy vibe so well.

I just realized I should prolly give a quick summary since this film isnt too well known. Frailty is about a single dad (played by Bill Paxton, who also directed) who believes that God has chosen him to kill demons that are masquerading as people. He pulls his two sons into his work, one of whom whole heartedly believes, the other who thinks the dad has lost it. Its told from the perspective of the now grown up unbelieving brother (Matthew McConaughey) who thinks that as a result of these events, his brother has become a serial killer. All the psychological stuff, especially with children involved, is what makes it all so wrong, in that cant look away cant get enough type of wrong.

If you share my passion for disturbing cinema, I can’t recommend this movie enough.”

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