The Matrix (ExpDl Top 100)

“It should go without saying, but I am in no way including the sequels in this list. I never thought it was posible for sequels to be so bad that they negatively impact your thoughts on the original, even when the original is as awesome as The Matrix. Time was when this movie was in my top five. But then again time was when a) I hadnt seen many movies and 2) the sequels didnt exist yet.

Let’s cast such unpleasantness aside and proceed to talk about the awesome that is The Matrix, completely forgetting that anything else happened after the credits rolled.

This was a huge movie for me for multiple reasons. On the trivial side, it was one of the first R rated ones I ever saw, there there was a special magic and novelty in knowing that this film was darker and more violent than anything else I’d ever seen. Nextly, this was right around when I started getting into sci-fi and beginning my habit as an action junkie. You can imagine what this film did for those cinematical appetites.

One thing I’ve noticed with some of the films that made the list, the ones that confuse me most tend to be the ones that really stick with me. The trick is that they need to be intriguing enough that Im not utterly lost, but rather desperate to learn what it all means. Donnie Darko is another example that comes to mind. We’ll discuss that further down the road. I definitely felt the need to watch this film over and over to absorb everything

The way that The Matrix revolutionized action was kind of a mixed blessing. Bullet time was so revolutionary, and the gravity bending sequences are amazing. But then every action movie for the next five years copied both techniques. I was okay with it when it fit the story (superpowers or some such), but Im sorry Charlie’s Angels have no reason to be jumping so damn high.

There are so many classic scenes that have me on the edge of my seat like Im watching them for the first time: Trinity’s escape at the beginning, Neo’s escape at the office, Neo’s interrogation, the training sequence, the metal detector, the helicopter, the fight in the subway tunnel. Actually the interrogation had me laughing because one of my favorite instances of bad cable censorship is changing Neo’s line to “”I give you a flipper and you give me my phone call””

Another bonus, Keanu Reeves looks gooooood in this movie. Yes, the boy can’t really act, but his little-boy-lost tendancies work well here.”

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