The Nightmare Before Christmas (ExpDl Top 100)

“I remember the first time I watched this movie, and the first time I didnt watch this movie. What do I mean by that? I’ll tell you!

Im sure I’ve shared this before, but I grew up in a pretty hardcore Christian family. There were just certain things that weren’t allowed for various (now somewhat laughable) reasons. Halloween was one of the big ones. I was never allowed to dress up, trick or treat, or watch anything remotely related. Naturally, Nightmare Before Christmas was outta the question. Soon after its release, my second cousin had her yearly slumber party that I attended. The big event of the night (early enough that all our moms were still there socializing) was watching NBC. I had to sit with my back to the screen playing with the girls or doing whatever else that meant I wasn’t actually watching the film. Sad, I know.

Now the first time I actually watched it, it was on of the first DVD’s I’d ever rented. We didnt even have a DVD player at the time, I had to watch on my daddy’s laptop in the study. But Blockbuster was out of the VHS, so DVD it was. I think I watched it during my afternoon break on day when teaching swimming lessons over the summer. I seem to recall a swimsuit and a wet chair.

Now those of you who know me really shouldnt be surprised at all that this is a fave of mine. Musical, check. Christmas, check. Hallowen, check. Vampires, check. Dark/goth/Tim Burton style, check. In my early days of Hot Topic shopping I purchased quite a bit of NBC swag. I’ve slowed waaaaay down on that, and only get really cool things when they’re on really sale (such as this recent aquisition). But just take a swing around the room and you’ll find quite a few Jack Skellingtons stashed in various forms and locations.

It gets you a special kinda street cred in certain circles to show your love of all things Nightmare. Case in point, last night Im with my BFF at Rocky Horror. He points out someone in the cast he thinks is cute. When he later catches said cast member wearing a Jack Skellington sweatshirt, kinda cute got promoted to kinda in love.

And now, for your listening pleasure, I Miss You from Blink 182. Gorgeous song for a buncha punk rock misfits, with a great NBC reference.

Lestat seems to enjoy this movie as well. She hasnt taken much interest in the list so far, but she’s snuggled up next to me as I sing along. And its not even close to dinner time for her yet, so she doesnt have any obvious ulterior motives….Now she’s giving me a dirty look as I sing along with “”Kidnap the Sandy Claws””, but its such a fun song! Me and a couple friends performed it at our theater group’s informal cabaret night thingy a couple years ago. Total blast!”

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