The Italian Job (ExpDl Top 100)

“Im kinda surprised its taken Edward Norton so long to make an appearance on my list. Dont worry, there’ll be MUCH more of him later. This was actually the first film I saw in the theater once he officially became my fave. At that point, I vowed to watch all of his in the theater if at all possible (and this was before I was obsessively trekking to the cinema). IMDB tells me he was contractually forced into this one, and I can believe it. Its definitely not the usual style or role I’d attribute to him. Besides, for me this film is all about Seth Green and Jason Statham.

To illustrate Green’s adorable awesomeness, allow me to share my favorite scene. To this day, whenever Im talking to myself or something and I say something is “”perfect”” I hear it in Seth’s voice with that accent. I just love his whole Napster hang up. I really cant do justice describing it, and I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.

A couple days ago, when we talked about The Mechanic, I said that Jason Statham was my fave action star. This is the film that introduced me to him. It was a while until I new his name, so I always just thought of him as Handsome Rob. It fits him quite well.

Mahky Mahk, er I mean Mark Wahlberg is so charasmatic, as per usual. Farily sure this was my introduction to him as well. While he does make a good tough guy in other films, the smile he wears through most of this film looks rather good on that boy.

There’s something that just such pure fun about heist movies that makes you completely forget they’re engaging in illegal activity, especially when the climactic chase is done in a trio of MINI’s. The one time I rode LA’s subway system, I had visions of that sequence playing thru my head.

Should point out, I did see the original Italian Job once but didnt care much for it. I think that was the point where I ultimately conceded that I really dont care much for older flicks.”

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