Bubble Boy (ExpDl Top 100)

“Yes, I know, another questionable choice. Believe me, I had the same thoughts when I first heard about this film, and I avoided it like the plague. It prolly shoulda ended up lower on the list, but I get such warm fuzzies thinking about how sweet and innocent Jake Gyllenhaal plays his character. Really, it was my love for him in Donnie Darko that made me first watch this.

Holy shit. That’s Marley Shelton, not Heather Graham? My God, how long have I just been assuming it was Graham. I suck at this game.

I just love how sweet and fun and light this film is. Gyllenhaal truly carries this film. If it wasn’t for him, it really would be the unwatchable drivel that most people would expect it to be. But you cant help but fall in love with his enthusiasm and charisma. The delivery of some of his lines is fantastic “”You’re not a singing group, you’re a cult!”” or “”I wasn’t planning on cutting the vato. No”” His doofy smile melts me too.

A lot of it really should be offensive, but its all done with such positivity, that you really dont notice how insensitive it ultimately is. In other words, offensive humor that doesnt make you feel like a bad person for watching. Genius! Oh and there’s so many different stereotypes that it attacks. Its not just the bubble thing, though that’s the bulk of it. There’s swings at Jews, Christians, Hindus, little people, Mexicans, rednecks…

Great soundtrack too. Was just rockin’ out to Blink 182’s Dammit

My other favorite character is the dad, played by John Caroll Lynch. Kinda reminds me of my parents how the Jesus Freak mom does all the talking for both of them. He just does so much with his expressions, I didnt even notice on my first viewing that he only talks in one scene.

Now to see if I can find somewhere to stream the SAG awards”

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