10 Things I Hate About You (ExpDl Top 100)

“Huh. Hadn’t even noticed the back to back Julia Stiles. Granted, she’s not particuarly featured in Bourne.

We’ll be keeping a tally of the number of things I love about this film.

Time for the trip down nostalgia lane where I recall the first time I saw this film. Guess it woulda been somewhere around eight or ninth grade. I caught it at the theater with a friend. I think at this point I was starting to realize I didnt particularly care for rom-coms, but I adored Joseph Gordon-Levitt (thing 1) in 3rd Rock From the Sun, which I watched faithfully every (I think) Sunday night when it aired. Said friend was in it for Heath Ledger (thing 2) (or at least I assume that was the boy she was gaga over). Ledger didnt quite hit my radar until another film, which is also on the list (soon actually). Watching the film, I was helpless lost in it around the following lines (about 5 min in):
-There’s a difference between like and love. See, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada bag.
-But I love my Skechers
-That’s because you dont have a Prada bag.

And now with the love I have for brilliant dialogue (thing 3), this film doesnt cease to amaze me in that area. I love the clevers like that, and the Shakespeare references (thing 4) thrown in. The one that got me just now is “”I burn, I pine, I perish.”” I actually dont think I had any familiarity with Taming of the Shrew back when I saw this. But it really is a genius adaptation.

I do tend to quote this one fairly often. In particular, you have a high probability of hearing me say “”I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby”” with the same delivery as Ms Stiles’ Kat.

Another necessity for a fun film: a rockin’ soundtrack (thing 5). The moment we first meet Kat, where she pulls up to the intersection blasting Joan Jett’s “”Bad Reputation””, that totally coulda been me! Yeah, should be a no brainer which sis I most identify with 😛 (thing 6) I can only aspire to be as sharp tongued and quick witted as she.

Let’s take the next moment to appreciate the awesome that is this cast: Heath Ledger (previously mentioned thing 2), Julia Stiles (thing 7), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (previously mentioned thing 1), Alex Mack err I mean Larissa Oleynik (thing 8), David Krumholtz (thing 9), Gabrielle Union (thing 10), Andrew Keegan (thing 11).

This scene (thing 12) by itself merits this film as a classic.

So we’re at 12, and thats with me thinking of doing the tally after the write up. It mighta gone different if I’d been counting throughout”