The Wedding Singer (ExpDl Top 100)

“This was kinda indirectly my first Adam Sandler movie. I actually saw The Waterboy first, but the day I saw it, the peeps I was hanging around with were quoting The Wedding Singer all day. That’s what prompted the Waterboy trip that day. And when I rented The Wedding Singer a couple weeks later, I alost felt like I knew it already.

I tend to have mixed feelings about Adam Sandler. Needless to say, I adore him here. I loved him in The Waterboy, and Happy Gilmore is classic. He tends to annoy me most of the rest of the time. I think that the more grounded his character is, the more I enjoy the film.

I love how wonderfully 80’s this film is. Growing up, I wasn’t really allowed to listen to much music that wasn’t either Christian or The Chipmunks. The Wedding Singer helped catch me up on A LOT of 80’s classics: White Wedding, You Spin Me, 99 Luftballoons, Too Shy, etc. The original songs are brilliant too (specifically thinking of Somebody Kill Me) Then you’ve also got the bright colors and the crazy fashions, not unlike how I love Hairspray for its over the top 60’s-ness.

There’s just the right amount of gags poking fun at the decade: the cd player, the rubix cube

Speaking of musicals, I haven’t managed to catch a production of the stage version. I wanted to see it on B’way, but it was before I’d started going regularly (after figuring how easy it was). Hasnt really been done much in the area yet. One day.

I think Christine Taylor’s Holly has to be my favorite character in the flick. I grew up watching her on Hey Dude, and Im fairly sure this was the first post Bar None Ranch film I’d seen her in. She’s so bubbly and fun here, its kinda tough not to be drawn to her when she’s on screen.

I lied. The best character has to be Billy Idol playing himself. One of the absolute best movie cameos ever (without thinking too hard about it). Certainly skyrocketed him to the top of my list of 80’s faves. Whenever I think about first class on an airplane, I just have images from this film.

The one downside to doing the write up as Im watching the film is that I dont know how to end it. If I just stop when the movie’s over, there’s no closure. Hmm…*Strongbad voice* ITS OVER!”

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