Good Burger (ExpDl Top 100)

“I know this spot on my faves list is likely to cost me A LOT of street cred. Hear me out before you judge me (then judge away). This is here strictly for the nostalgia factor. I loved it as a kid. Had a group of friends in high school who loved it and would quote it to. Had another group of friends in college, same deal. I can quote this film forwards and backwards, and lines of dialogue often pop into my head, even if its been months or years since I’ve seen it.

One good thing about this list and knowing hte films so well is that I dont feel I missed out on anything if I fall asleep.

Now, there’s a few rules to follow if you’re going to see this movie (especially if you’ve never seen it before).
-You have to be part of the early 90’s Nickelodeon generation. If you’ve never seen a Good Burger sketch on All That, the whole thing will be lost on you and it will be a most painful experience.
-Watching this film under some sorta influence is usually a good thing.
-Most importantly, DO NOT EVER watch this movie before 2 AM. The later it is, the funnier you’ll find it.

I must admit that I broke those last two rules last night. That third one in particular is a killer. I swear this is a very tested theory. I’ve had 2 AM viewings in between 10 PM or midnight ones, and always found it hilarious after 2. Last night, as much as I love the film, it was kinda difficult to get thru.

I did consider removing the film from my list, but Im too attached to it to do so. Although I cant guarantee it will survive the next revision. Also, I feel that if I hadnt included it, then Dude Where’s My Car might’ve taken its spot. Personally, I much prefer Good Burger.

Now while I prolly should go into more specifics about why I love it, I dont think this is the type of situation where I can change your mind on any preconfigured opinions you may have. And frankly, I dont care to. You’re either part of the Nickelodeon club or you’re not.”

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