ExpDl Top 100

“I’ve actually known for a while what project I wanted to tackle after finishing the AFI one a few months back. I’ve just been trying to get my unwatched movie queue down to a manageable amount, since I know a project will back it up like whoa. Starting this weekend, Im gonna go thru my personal top 100. Couple things to note about my list
-I need to have seen something at least 2 times for it to qualify for the list
-Its always in flux. While Ive been thinking about it, I keep rearranging movies on the list
-The rankings are all kinda arbitrary to some extent
-Franchises are only represented once. Sometimes I’ll group them all together as one (ie, Harry Potter or Kill Bill). Other times, I’ll just consider one as being on the list (The Matrix, The Dark Knight).
-Most importantly, Im not saying that these are the 100 best movies according to me. They’re my 100 favorites. Some may be bad, but entertainingly so. Others may be there for the nostalgia factor. A couple might be legit highly recognized masterpiece films.

Im not going to post the list in advance. Instead, I’ll reveal them as I watch in countdown order (100 first, then 99, etc). Im also gonna take this as my chance to upgrade a lot of the VHS’s to DVD or BluRay, not that it matters much to anyone but me.

Anyhoo, as a preview, here’s some films that just missed the cut. They’re not in any order since once they fell out of the top 100 there wasnt much point in ranking them:
Shoot Em Up, The Departed, The Faculty, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Igor, Inglorious Basterds, Tom & Huck, Team America: World Police, The Good Son, Sky High, Scream, The Lost Boys, Sunshine, Mean Creek, Criminal

Im excited…cause Im lame like that”

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