2010 Recap

“Bit delayed on this, and its gonna be brief. Sorta now or never. Here’s the recap on what I saw at the theater last year, with a few thoughts on my favorites. In total, I saw 77 movies. That’s a few less than 2009. Couple reasons for that. For one, I wasnt so hardcore this summer since so much of my time was spent working on JCS. Also, I tried to avoid going to films I really wasnt all that interested in, just for the sake of going. I’ve got a pretty bad habit of that. Lastly, I think the selection really was a bit slimmer this year. There werent too many weekends that released more than I could watch during the week.

Anyways, here’s the rundown, not in any order. Oh, I should point out, as far as Im concerned with the blog, I count films towards the year in which I saw them, not their release date. For example, yes Avatar was 2009 but I saw it last January, so I call it 2010. Everything I saw last weekend, while it may have been released last year, they wont be considered until the next wrap up. Got it?

The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Black Swan, Faster, Love and other drugs, Tangled, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1, 127 hours, Megamind, Due Date, Paranormal Activity 2, Red, Conviction, Stone, Hereafter, Howl, Jackass, Kids are all right, Buried, Wall street: Money Never Sleeps, The Social network, Let me in, Catfish, Never let me go, Easy a, The town, Toy story 3d, The a team, Inception, The other guys, Machete, Scott pilgrim Vs The World, The expendables, Dinner for schmucks, Salt, Despicable me, Eclipse, Knight and day, Jonah hex, Get him to the greek, Prince of persia, Macgruber, Iron man 2, The losers, Date night, How to train your dragon, Kick ass, Clash of the titans, Repo men, Green zone, Alice in wonderland, Ghost writer, Cop out, Shutter island, Percy jackson and the Olympians: The Tale of the Lightning Theif, The wolfman, The last station, Youth in revolt, Crazy heart, Edge of darkness, Legion, The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus, The Lovely bones, The book of eli, Day breakers, A single man, An education, Its complicated, Avatar, Sherlock holmes, Nine, The fighter, The tourist, Tron:Legacy, The kings speech, Gulliver’s travels, Little fockers, True grit

So lets see that’s (my counts might be slightly off) 77 films at 8 theaters including 12 3D films, 5 at the IMAX, 10 sequels, only 2 repeats (The Town and Shutter Island) and 3 films involving vampires. Here’s what I’d consider my top ten:

2-Shutter island
3-kick ass
4-toy story 3d
5-day breakers
6-a single man
7-how to train your dragon
9-prince of persia
10-an education

Aaaand here’s the bottom of the pack. The sad part is I ended up buying (or plan to buy) 4-8.

2-Get him to the greek
3-Clash of the titans
4-Green zone
7-Dinner for schmucks
8-Little fockers

So yeah bye 2010. Here’s hoping 2011 will be the one when I finally cross the 100 movie mark!

Edit 1-15-11HOLY \m/ I just realized I left Black Swan off the best list. It should be at number 2. FAIL!”

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